Is Tokenchampions a cryptocurrency? No, Tokenchampions is a security token. This means that it is the digital representation of an established investment instrument, in this case, the participation in the investment fund Tokenchampions in Luxembourg. Unlike a cryptocurrency, Tokenchampions Tokens cannot be acquired by just anyone. Only qualified investors who comply with the regulations applicable to this investment instrument can purchase them.

How can I participate? To become a qualified investor with the possibility of acquiring Tokenchampions Tokens, it is necessary that you register yourself as a first step. After that, you begin your qualification process where we get to know you through a process called KYC (Know Your Client). During this KYC process, you will learn about the risks and disclaimers, finishing the process in a few simple steps.

Can I get my investment back at any time? We have a secondary market that will, if needed, allow you to sell your Tokens to other qualified investors. Depending on the supply and demand, you will be able to make transactions that allow you to sell your tokens at a market price.

What legal support do I have? Tokenchampions complies with all regulations applicable to this type of investment instrument, during your qualification process, As an investor, and before making any type of investment, you will receive all the relevant documentation regarding the instrument you are about to acquire.

What can I expect from my investment? Tokenchampions invests in future talents of the football world. These talents are carefully selected, taking into account their potential, and, once selected, we take care of them giving more value to their image rights through our Sports Management area. You can expect your investment to increase in value based on the results of the work we do on a daily basis.